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Gillian Nov 2019

Writer and adventurer for hire.

 Gillian Kendall is an American-Australian writer who has visited every continent and lived in five countries. The author of four books, she does all sorts of writing: travel and nonfiction journalism, as well as fiction, essays, and memoirs. Have a look at her books, her recent book reviews, her travel writing pages, her contributions to The Sun, or her blog.

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Long-Lived Lesbians column

Recent, Ongoing, and Coming up

2023 Winner in North American Travel Journalists annual awards: Honorable Mention: Gillian Kendall, “This Country Has So Many Hot Springs (a.k.a. “Hot Spring Hopping in New Zealand”)”, Fodor’s

Spring 2023 — Travel Classics conference, Ashwood Castle,

Fall 2023 — Weekend writing workshop in private home in Philadelphia, USA

December 2022 — RW in  magazine

November 2021 — Travel Classics conference, Scottsdale, Arizona

Gillian is available to lead writing retreats in private homes.

First-person travel features

“This Country Has So Many Hot Springs” (hot-spring hopping in New Zealand) in FODOR’S

This Is Like No Other Christmas in the World” in FODOR’S

“Too Cool for Normal, Illinois” in PERCEPTIVE TRAVEL

“10 Reasons to Visit Sanibel Island, Florida” in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

“A Flow with No Beginning” (Return to the Alps after 40 years) in PERCEPTIVE TRAVEL

“Swim Call in the Caribbean” (Coast Guard story) in PERCEPTIVE TRAVEL April 2020

“Locked Out of Canada” in PERCEPTIVE TRAVEL April 2016

“Happy in Northampton” in CURVE Magazine Nov/Dec. 2015

“Fekkin’ Savage: Learning to drum in Ireland”— in PERCEPTIVE TRAVEL October 2015

“Creature Comforts” in THE SUN, August 2015

An essay on travel poetry, in the LA TIMES