Something to Declare

SOMETHING TO DECLARE: GOOD LESBIAN TRAVEL WRITING was published September 2009 and earned a Booklist starred review. It won the American Library Association “Over the Rainbow” award in 2011.

Something to Declare book cover by Gillian Kendall

Something to Declare: Good Lesbian Travel Writing.
Kendall, Gillian (Editor)
Sep 2009. 230 p. Univ. of Wisconsin, paperback, $19.95. (9780299233549). 910.4086.

Kendall’s collection is no guide to tourist attractions but an exceptional assemblage of personal journeys.
“Lesbian invisibility,” she notes, is most prevalent and frustrating when one is away from home with people “whose dictionary has no word for what you are,” as Tzivia Gover’s poignant piece about meeting two very closeted dykes in Osaka bears out. Among selections set in America, Sheila Ortiz Taylor’s “Outrageous” depicts a contemporary black-white couple’s travels through the South into Florida, and Sima Ranowitz writes of a near-sacred journey to famous and/or personally significant independent American bookstores: Sarasota’s News & Books, the Strand in New York, San Francisco’s City Lights, and a never-named “dyke” bookstore in Minnesota. Perhaps the most beautifully realized entry is Jane Churchon’s account of her 5,000-mile pilgrimage to the world-famous labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral, in which medieval penitents walked or crawled 850 feet of “eleven layers of back-and-forth quarter-circle paths, eleven layers of fallopian tubes leading to the uterine rosette.” She longed to experience the labyrinth’s “still center” and feel her predecessors “devotion and faith, if only on my toes,” and her gorgeous essay, reverberating with light not unlike Chartres’ Rose Window, highlights an outstanding anthology.
— Whitney Scott

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